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hello there!

I'm Stefania Quattropani,
an italic type based in UK.

I design bold visual experiences
to empower products and services.

about me

I’m a designer focused on crafting interactions between people and brands, striving for clarity.

I’ve a background in graphic design and I see the evolution of my role in the digital space in line with the opportunities offered by the current media.

During the years, my core approach to design hasn't changed: I learn and think through making, to produce value and solve problems.

I'm inspired by what's next and by how immersive technologies can be used to create social impact and redefine the digital experience.

P.S.: I’m still a print and typography enthusiast at heart.

What people say
Design Thinking Process
Design Thinking Process
Design Thinking Process

contribution. Tips from product people.

Speaker. The other side of Design Systems.

mentor. Project brief, talks, workshops, portfolio reviews and career support with organisations and universities.

INTERVIEW. Italian design newsletter.

INTERVIEW. Italian creative community.

Speaker. Design conference in Italy sponsored by Adobe, Wacom and Pantone.  

mentor. Italian online educational start up providing Adobe certifications.

Featured. Book. Creation and application of the flexible logo design process.

Member. Experimental visual communication projects, primarily using typography.

Featured. Book. Use of striking geometric visuals in contemporary brand strategies.

Contribution. An project by Jarrik Muller where designers created free typefaces inspired by a city.

Co-Founder. Artistic network and magazine involving different European countries.






case studies
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greene king — 2022

A single vision to promote local pubs

Leverage mobile technology to connect fragmented experiences and foster loyalty

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Energy UX Case Study
Vcard UX Case Study
tesco — 2022

Design System as product

Empower multiple teams to build better products across web, iOS, Android and in-store platforms

View Case Study
shell energy — 2020

Self-serve in an utility app

Helping customers build their account health and always stay informed about their energy consumption

View Case Study
Insurtech UX Case study
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currently living in Catania, URBINO, milan, edinburgh, LONDON
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